Kyle Hailey

December 28th, 2010

I’m Kyle Hailey and I work as the performance architect at Delphix.

I’ve been working performance tuning for the last 15 years. Most recently I worked at Embarcadero Technologies where I designed the first successful product the company has written internally and released in the last 10 years called DB Optimizer.

DB Optimizer was inspired by the successes and frustrations I had working on Oracle’s EM 10g. In OEM 10g I worked on a complete redesign of the Oracle Enterprise Manager performance pages, shifting the screens away from confusing clutter to simple but powerful graphics based on on wait time and a new metric session load (aka AAS). The successful redesign of OEM 10g has continued to be the foundation of OEM 11g.

Now at Delphix I’m super excited to  not only work on the performance optimization of the Delphix appliance but also continue to design the industry leading performance monitoring technology.

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