DB Optimizer 2.5.1 Released

September 8th, 2010
I’m excited to announce the release of DB Optimizer 2.5.1 which has some big new features for a point release along with the regular minor bug fixes. Many thanks to the DBO team for another awesome release.
Download available at:
And DBO 2.5.1 is included in Embarcadero’s All Access 1.8.
The new features are

  • Visual SQL Tuning (VST) diagram can be saved to file – previously it had to be regenerated every time a saved TUN session was reopened.
  • VST has new notations

o Sub-queries are encapsulated as well as nested sub-queries

o Exists/In and Not Exist/Not In are indicated on the diagram

o Outer Joins are denoted on the diagram

I’ve made 3 “.tun” files available here
that showcase some of these new features. For example, just drag and drop “bigstmt2.tun” into DB Optimizer 2.5.1 from windows explorer and then click on the analysis tab. The analysis tab immediately shows the VST diagram where you can the double click on “BIG_STATEMENT2” table on the right and you can, without being connected to a database, drill into all the sub-queries and views. Impressive and great for “oohs and aahs” in demos:
Now expanded
The only “gotcha” is that the 14 day trial version is a limited functionality trial license. With the limited trial license you can only tune 5 SQL statements and when you profile, you see the load but not the SQL text for the queries it find. You can get around this by getting a temporary retail license from a sales person, or I can try and get you one for you.Let me know if you download DB Optimizer and how it goes and if I can help.
Other examples:
Query from Jonathan Lewis webinar on visual approach to SQL tuning
Example of outer joins from q2_251outer.tun


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