Kyle Hailey

January 11th, 2013

I’m Kyle Hailey and I am a performance architect at Delphix working with industry leading software, kernel and filesystem designers to take corporate data management to a new level of agility.

I’ve been working on performance tuning for the last 20 years. Most recently I worked at Embarcadero Technologies where I designed DB Optimizer which is the first successful product to be written internally and released in the last 10 years.

DB Optimizer was inspired by the successes and frustrations I had working on Oracle’s EM 10g. In OEM 10g I worked on a complete redesign of the Oracle Enterprise Manager performance pages, shifting the screens away from confusing clutter to simple  powerful graphics based on on wait time and a developed a new metric session load (aka AAS as coined by John Beresniewicz). The successful redesign of OEM 10g has continued to be the foundation of OEM 11g and 12c.

Now at Delphix I’m excited to  not only work on the performance optimization of the Delphix appliance but also continue to design the industry leading performance monitoring technology.

In a world of black boxes, where things break with obscure errors or system slowdown with no feedback as to why, I want to create interfaces that expose what is going on in a clear and easy to understand format that is interactive and engaging and ideally fun. Ultimately I want an interface/product that is  a pleasure to use with customers.

Conference Bio:

Kyle Hailey worked on the complete redesign of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g performance pages. His contributions shifted the screens to be graphically oriented and wait interface centric and these successful designs have continued to be expanded upon in 11g OEM.  Recently he worked at Embarcadero Technologies where he  designed the first successful product the Embarcadero has written internally and released in the last 10 years called DB Optimizer.  DB Optimizer is the first product in the industry to graphically describe the relationships of tables, views  and subqueries of a SQL statement using Visual SQL  Tuning (VST) diagrams.  Currently Kyle works as a performance Architect at Delphix. He has long and distinguished career with Oracle having worked at Oracle in support, porting, benchmarking, and kernel development. He has also worked at Oracle, Quest and Embarcadero as well as other companies in the industry on performance tuning and optimization of Oracle. He has designed tools to improve high end performance monitoring such as direct SGA attach and interactive graphic displays of performance data. He has speaks at Hotsos, NoCOUG, RMOUG, NYCOUG, Oracle World, DB Forum as well as teaches classes around the world on Oracle performance tuning.

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  2. Balaji Natarajan
    July 12th, 2011 at 20:59 | #1


    I have attended most of your sessions. I have some doubt with OEM. I know about exporting AWR snapshots of DB1 and loading it in another db DB2. using grid I can run AWR reports of DB1 on DB2. Simillarly is there any way, can I see the Active session window under performance tab of another database DB1 in DB2, if so what should I do to do it ans see it.


  3. July 12th, 2011 at 23:43 | #2

    That’s a good question.
    AFAIK, Oracle doesn’t support browsing the data from database A in the AWR repository for database B.
    On the other hand one could take a tool like ASHMON or ASHVIEWER and repurpose it to browse data for a particular DBID in the repository. I beleive a company called ENTEROS did something likes this.
    Definitely functionality that a lot of people could benefit from.
    For the time being I just use SQL scripts to get the data instead of a GUI.

  4. Kennethidoge
    August 20th, 2019 at 11:13 | #3

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