August 16th, 2013

Same location but with twice the space and twice the speakers!


Monday September 23

community lab    imagination lab   
  speaker topic speaker topic
9 am Iggy Fernandez Amazon vs Ebay: NoSQL vs Oracle Tim Gorman 3 Types of Table Compression
10 am Women in Tech Fabian Pascal  Missing Data and the Relational Model: The Last NULL in the Coffin
11 am Gwen Shapira ETL on Hadoop Riyaj Shamsudeen
1 pm Kent Graziano Data Vault Chris Antognini
2 pm Mark W. Farnham misc. dirty tricks Adam Leventhal ZFS
3 pm John Beresniewicz ASH Math Jonathan Lewis Approximate NDV
4 pm Eric Grancher IO latency outliers Kyle Hailey Thin Cloning

Tuesday September 24

community lab     imagination lab    
  speaker topic speaker topic
9 am Doug Burns 10053 trace Pythian (TBD)
10 am Pythian (TBD) Jonathan Lewis 12c Histograms
11 am Marco Gralike Wikipedia XML handling Greg Rahn SQL on Hadoop
1 pm Pythian (TBD) Tanel Poder Hacking Oracle DB
2 pm Frits Hoogland gdb debugger Kerry Osborne
3 pm Women in Tech Cary Millsap
4 pm Karl Arao Alex Gorbachev
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