Women in Tech

August 18th, 2013

Oak Table World WIT, (Women in Technology)



A dozen topics, the best women in the business, how cool is that?

Both days’ sessions will be dynamic open-floor discussions on the topics that are important to women in technology today.

  • First Session:  Monday, Sept. 23rd , 10-11am
  • Second Session:  Tuesday, Sept. 24th, 3-4pm

“Find your path, set it on fire- so bright that people not only want to see the flames, they want to walk in your footsteps before they cool…”




  • Talk alongside high-level Oracle professionals on how to best channel your strengths and showcase your effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Discuss how incredibly skilled women are at their jobs and how to take that initiative and power, then redirect it on building your career.
  • Ideas on how to partner and professionally network more effectively as WIT.
  • How to be a mentor, mentor each other and find a mentor, along with mentoring the women of tomorrow.
  • How networking and social media can build your career, help you locate a better job, ace an interview and other essential skills for today’s Oracle professional.
  • Leaning in, digging in and stepping into the spot light- What holds so many of us back from what turns a job into a career?
  • Communication challenges in the workplace- What they are and how we can overcome them.
  • “Discrimination is no longer the enemy- stereotypes are.”  How often does cultural limiting go unrecognized and how to overcome it.

Attendees should gain:


  • Collaboration on innovative solutions to overcome common challenges to today’s WIT.
  • Learn more about themselves and empowered to do more.
  • Build and extend professional and personal connections in a welcoming environment of women committed to helping each other succeed.

WIT Involved in planning and/or attending:


  • Kellyn Pot’Vin, Sr. Technical Consultant, Enkitec, (Moderator for both sessions)
  • Debra Lilley, Principal Consultant at Fujitsu, ACED
  • Michelle Malcher, DBA Team Lead at DRW Holdings, ACED
  • Vanessa Simmons, Director of Business Development at the Pythian Group
  • Gwen Shapira, Solutions Architect at Cloudera, ACED
  • Amy Caldwell, Oracle Apps Development and EBS at Chick-fil-a
  • Sarah Zumbrum, Oracle Certified Lead Architect at Finit Solutions
  • Heli Helskyaho, CEO at Miracle Finland, ACE

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  2. Tim Gorman
    August 19th, 2013 at 21:59 | #1

    Four of the nine women Oracle ACED’s in the entire world will be in these sessions?

    Just how cool is that?

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