S-ASH 2.0

December 6th, 2012

V2 Installs on Windows or Unix on Standard Edition

The scripts below are brand newer so there will probably be some hickups in them. Please comment on the blog on any issues and/or solutions you find. I wrote these scripts as both an option for installing on Windows (since the first version was a shell script) and for allowing Standard Edition as a repostitory but still having data purging using “poor man’s partitioning”, ie having separte tables for each day of the week, and using view with union all of the 7 tables in the data mining scripts. I find the following scripts easier to follow, read, understand and change than the single script above.

Repository –

repo_0_user.sql – create SASH user
repo_1_tables.sql – connect as SASH and run. Installs schema on repository database. WARNING – don’t run as SYS or SYSTEM because it recreates a couple dba_ views.

Target – ie Monitored Database , run sys (possible to run as SYSTEM but have to change script not to use x$)

targ_1_pkg.sql – install collection package on each database to be monitored
targ_2_jobs.sql – start up collection in a job on each database to be monitored

Repository – optional, if you want automatic purging

repo_2_pkg.sql – create an automatic purge procedure on repository machine
repo_3_jobs.sql – start a job on repository machine to purge oldest day of data

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  2. Barry de Graaff
    December 17th, 2012 at 14:06 | #1


    I think there may be a typo in:

    at line 33:
    insert into sash_log (action, message,result) values
    should be:
    insert into sash.sash_log (action, message,result) values

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