Job Openings for Oracle experts

December 2nd, 2010
You know it’s a good company when the support desk looks like this:

Delphix, the company I’ve been at for the past month, is hiring! We are interested primarily in Oracle expertise centered around backup and recovery, rman, dataguard and ASM.
Big plus for solid knowledge of NFS, storage systems, zfs and networking with an eye for performance tuning.
We are looking for sales consultants, support, engineers and QA.
I’m super happy with this new position – small company where everyone makes an impact and the people are super smart, motivated and experienced.
We’ve got an amazing team from the the creators of Dtrace and zfs to principle players in the development of Oracle RAC, cache fusion and dataguard to the founder of Avamar and the marketing VP who took VMware public. Come join us !
If interested, contact me at kyle.hailey @ delphix dot com.

Delphix turns physical database infrastructure into software that can run in a fraction of the space, automating some of the most challenging and time consuming operations in the datacenter: refreshing and provisioning of databases. With our database virtualization software, enterprises can reduce complex provisioning tasks from 10 days to 10 seconds and shrink 10 TB into 1 TB.
Enterprises typically create multiple copies of production databases for development, testing, QA, staging, UAT, pilots, training, operational reporting, etc. By linking with production databases via standard APIs, Delphix enables the benefits of consolidation and virtualization for all supporting database infrastructure—with no need to make changes to production systems. As a result, an investment in Delphix can generate a high-impact ROI with very low risk.
The team at Delphix has been responsible for developing products that have generated billions in annual revenue, including Oracle RAC, used in more than 20% of Oracle deployments, and EMC Avamar, the solution that pioneered data de-duplication, one of the fastest growing technologies in datacenters today. Our board of directors includes founding board members for Oracle, Business Objects, Informatica, Riverbed, Brocade, and Avamar. One of our lead investors was the co-founding chairman of Oracle, founding chairman of Business Object and founding chairman of Informatica. Our Advisory board has a number of recognized industry icons including the original WW VP’S of Field ops from Oracle and VMware. I We are head quartered in Palo Alto. Delphix will be hard to beat in terms of working on very interesting technology, a great business, and the ability to grow both your career and technical ability.


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  2. Dmitry
    December 3rd, 2010 at 04:06 | #1

    Amazing ! Where can I purchase this "little fireman" playset ?

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