Oaktable World 2012 – all presentations and 4 vidoes up

November 8th, 2012

Oaktable world (aka Oracle Closed World) was an another amazing conference. We are already planning 2013

More videos will be posted as we have time to process the footage (help from video editors more than encouraged, email me Kyle.Hailey at  delphix.com )

Here are a few photos from this year:

  • Oct 2012 photos
  • photos from Karl Arao

Thanks everyone for an awesome conference.

Special thanks to conferences patrons

  • Paul Vallee
  • Tim Gorman
  • Kerry Osborne
  • Marco Gralike
  • Jonathan Gennick
  • Marcin Przepiorowski

Without their help the conference wouldn’t have been the same.

Thanks to all the speakers

  • Jonathan Lewis – Pessimist view of Exadata, video  , presentation small, large
  • Cary Millsap – Grand Unified Theory of “Tuning”
  • Kyle Hailey – Database Virtualization and Instant Cloning
  • Tanel Poder – hacker session
  • Tim Gorman – Exchange Partition , video
  • Karl Arao – Where did my CPU go?
  • Christian Antognini – Cursor Sharing , sql queries 
  • Connor McDonald – RAC Upgrade Nightmare  , video of Connor’s presentation
  • Brendan Gregg – USE Method for Performance Tuning
  • Alex Gorbachev – ASM failures live  (some scripts)
  • Gwen Shapira – Big Disasters
  • Kevin Closson – SLOB and what’s it got to do with Exadata
  • Greg Rahn –  Beyond Relational Databases 

Oracle “Ted” Talks

  •  John Hurley – OS Truth, little white lies, and the Oracle Wait Interface
  • Doug Burns –
  • Kerry Osborne – things in other_xml
  • Martin Klier – ”The Connectivity Issue” (Server change, DBA and an Oscilloscope)

– Kyle Hailey


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